Full Stack Software & Data Engineering

Making research software engineering work for you

To get the full benefits from digital technologies like AI and data science, full stack software and data engineering is essential. Our expert full-stack software engineers, data engineers, and systems engineers work closely with you to create high-impact solutions that meet the specific needs of your industry or business.

With access to our on-premise and hybrid multi-cloud environments, we can help you to create bespoke applications and e-infrastructure services, whether they are at the edge, on IoT devices, commodity servers, our in-house HPC and AI platforms, or fully cloud native. 

Working comprehensively across the entire software stack, from optimising the user interface experience to engineering the back-end server-side business logic and data tiers, from security to observability, we can bring pioneering digital innovation to your production environments.

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Our specialist expertise extends across areas such as:

  • Various popular industry programming languages, including:
    • Java
    • Kotlin
    • Go
    • C++
    • JS/TS
    • Python
  • Building reactive front-end user interfaces using JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Full stack enterprise and application development integration using a range of open-source frameworks, including:
    • Node.js
    • Spring Boot
    • Echo
  • Distributed and micro-service architectures
  • Native & embedded devices
  • Desktop
  • Open-source data engineering frameworks, including:
    • NoSQL and Relational Database Management Systems
    • Apache Spark
    • Kafka
  • Containerisation, cluster, and workflows technologies, including:
    • K8s
    • OpenShift
    • Argo Workflows
    • Nextflow.io

Our engineers are trained in a range of best practices including principles of clean code, design patterns, functional and imperative/object orientated programming paradigms, and testing through Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).

We work collaboratively with you to apply the principles of agile, feedback-driven software development to your business challenge. We develop iteratively in short sprints, allowing us to adapt quickly based on regular customer feedback.

Our teams work to the Design Stamina Hypothesis: the understanding that high quality, well documented, maintainable code is essential to your future success in continuing to run and exploit the software we develop together after the life of your project with us comes to a close.

As part of UK Research and Innovation, we provide impartial advice and are proud to be fully cloud and hardware-vendor agnostic. Our position gives us special access to a variety of vendor platforms and working experience, so we can test and recommend the right tools and services for each case. This is especially valuable in guiding the digital transformation journey for many of our clients.  



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