Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Notice  

When you interact with the Hartree Centre, we limit the data we collect about you to only necessary information that enables us to carry out the required activity to a high standard.

What is defined as “necessary information” can change from interaction to interaction and is based on what is reasonable depending on the activity, survey or event you are participating in.​

How we use the information, we collect about you:

We use the information we collect from you to successfully manage and run the events for which you are registered. This includes using the details you provide to contact you in relation to the event; for instance, to provide extra information or updates, or to invite feedback on events you have attended. We may also share your name and affiliation information with potential co-organisers of the event for which you are registered. Where relevant, we may also pass your information on to venue managers, or hotel managers in order to manage your accommodation and/or hospitality requirements. We may also pass name and affiliation information to potential exhibitors or lecturers, to ensure their content is aimed at the right audience. As a non-departmental government body, STFC is authorised to lawfully process your personal data in pursuit of its official public functions and (where it is necessary) in pursuit of our or your legitimate interests.

Event evaluation, data collection and demonstrating STFC’s impact:

STFC is required by Government to report on its economic and societal impact on the UK. This is increasingly a condition of our funding. All survey returns will be treated confidentially and STFC will seek to report outcomes in an aggregated format. By continuing to engage with STFC you acknowledge this.

In the case of your participation in our training or other events, STFC or its nominated data-sharing partner may contact you prior, during and for up to 5 years post-event for information about the outcomes and benefits of your engagement with us. The information pertaining to individuals or named organisations will be treated confidentially and STFC will seek to report outcomes in an aggregated format. Where significant impacts are achieved from the project engagement, training and events, STFC will request permission from you for such information to be used in an individual case study.

How long we keep information about you:

We only hold information about you for as long as is necessary. Holding this information helps us to understand which events you have previously attended, which future events may be of interest to you, and it aids the registration process for other events that you may want to attend. It will also enable us to improve our event and programme offerings and to understand and demonstrate the impact and value of our events.​

This notice is intended for use in relation to STFC Hartree Centre Training and Events.