Upcoming Events

Wed 20 Sep 2023

Quantum Computing for Natural Sciences: Technology and Applications

This full-day workshop will offer all attendees an opportunity to present, discuss, and learn about recent research results, open questions, and challenges in the field of quantum computing applications for natural sciences.

Sun 12 Nov 2023

Best Practices for HPC Training and Education Workshop

This SC23 workshop will provide a global forum for addressing common challenges and solutions for enhancing HPC training and education, and for fostering collaboration opportunities.

Sun 12 Nov 2023

Latest Advances in Scalable Algorithms for Large-Scale Heterogeneous Systems Workshop

An SC23 workshop focusing on the latest advances in scalable algorithms for large-scale Heterogeneous Systems. Open for submissions until 18 August 2023.

Sun 12 Nov 2023

New competences: Are we ready for the uptake of exascale and hybrid quantum-classical computing? Bird of a Feather

An SC23 Bird of a Feather focusing on the uptake of exascale and hybrid quantum-classical computing.