Upcoming Events

Fri 12 Jul 2024

Practical Guide to DevOps for AI

MLOps focuses on the intersection of ML engineer and Data engineer in combination with existing DevOps practices to streamline model delivery across the machine learning development life cycle.

Thu 18 Jul 2024

Fundamentals of Parallel Computing

Do you have existing company or research codes that need scaling up for use on supercomputing platforms, or old codes that need updating for newer systems? Aimed at Independent Users, this course will teach you how to parallelise your company’s code

Mon 22 Jul 2024

Practical Guide to Cloud Computing

Aimed at intermediate learners, this course gives you the opportunity to secure the knowledge learned in the Beginner’s Guide to Cloud for Industry with a practical hands-on tutorial led by experts.

Tue 23 Jul 2024

Fundamentals of Neural Networks and Deep Neural Networks

Aimed at independent users, this course in artificial intelligence (AI) and neural networks will take you through some of the practical considerations to make when looking at how neural networks can be used in your business.

Fri 26 Jul 2024

Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

Aimed at Independent Users, this course will take you through the full lifecycle of “model to service”, starting off with an open-source language model and going through the steps to go from a model to a fully usable deployed cloud-hosted application

Wed 31 Jul 2024

Fundamentals of Quantum Computing

Do you want to learn how calculations are performed on quantum computers, with practical examples on simulators and real hardware?