Upcoming Events

Tue 02 Jul 2024

Teaching Computational Science Workshop

This ICCS24 workshop will focus on innovations in teaching computational science in its various aspects like modelling and simulation, high-performance and large-data environments for all levels and in all contexts.

Tue 02 Jul 2024

Solving Problems with Uncertainty

This ICCS24 workshop will focus on methods and algorithms for solving problems with uncertainties, stochastic methods and algorithms for solving problems with uncertainties.

Wed 03 Jul 2024

Fundamentals of Reinforcement Learning

Aimed at independent users, this course in Reinforcement Learning (RL) will take you through some of the practical considerations to make when looking at how Reinforcement Learning can be used as a decision-making tool in your business.

Tue 09 Jul 2024

Practical Guide to Geospatial Data

In this course you will be shown how to use mass geospatial data for model for predicting trends in business operations or planning. Starting with the challenges experienced with today’s solutions, we will explore the consequences of these existing technical limitations with a focus on flood events in the UK.

Tue 09 Jul 2024

Fundamentals of Geospatial Data

This is part of a three-course pathway to learning and understanding the capabilities of geospatial data analytical tools and techniques and how it can be used for industry.

Fri 12 Jul 2024

Practical Guide to DevOps for AI

MLOps focuses on the intersection of ML engineer and Data engineer in combination with existing DevOps practices to streamline model delivery across the machine learning development life cycle.