Taking flight with Rolls-Royce
06 Feb 2017



Rolls-Royce have been using our supercomputers to improve component design in its world-renowned jet engines


​Credit: Shutterstock


​We are working with Rolls-Royce to model component design in their world-renowned jet engines more quickly and cost-effectively.

With growing global air traffic set to require 35,000 new aircraft by 2030, the key to sustaining success in the highly competitive aerospace sector is often dependant on the speed at which companies can investigate and deploy new innovations.

When exploring new engine design innovations, Rolls-Royce uses software called PRECISE to carry out computer simulations. The company wanted the software to run faster so that the simulations could be completed significantly more quickly, enabling them to explore more design options in a shorter space of time.

Vendel Szeremi, Computational Scientist at the Hartree Centre, said: “Working closely with Rolls-Royce, we provided recommendations on how the company could remove bottlenecks in performance, and the improvements resulted in a 20% increase in running speed for the key simulation software.”

As part of this work, we also generated a roadmap showing how the software could be scaled to run bigger models – and help the company’s aero-engines become even more efficient, cleaner and greener in the process.

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