On the trail to Exascale and Scalable AI Workshop

On the trail to Exascale and Scalable AI Workshop
Date: Mon 20 May 2024 - Tue 21 May 2024
Time: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Location: Liverpool Town Hall, UK
Best for: Researchers from Academia, Industry, and the Public Sector that are engaged in digital transformation and innovation, developing or using large-scale simulations and wishing to future-proof their organisations.

Maximising the impact of the latest HPC developments in your organisation

Join us to discover how you can future-proof your organisation and use large-scale simulations for digital transformation and innovation.

As the HPC and AI vendors prepare their systems for the exascale era and beyond, this workshop will guide the audience along the high-performance computing and scalable AI path. At this stage, it is important that companies and institutions, that are developing codes or simulations with HPC and/or AI requirements future-proof their work, to avoid the need to invest large amounts of resources in backtracking and adjusting.

The invited talks are from world-renowned experts, presenting the current state-of-the-art of HPC and scalable AI, including software libraries and frameworks that have been developed with this evolving landscape in mind.

We will share case studies illustrating how these technologies can be used in a variety of sectors and invite you to discuss them with the experts.

At the workshop there will presentations and panal discussions where you will hear from experts about:

  • Science in the era of exascale and AI
  • A national Exascale AI Research Resource designed for sustainabity
  • Industrial Use of High-Performance Computing: Guiding the Way to Exascale
  • Frontiers in AI for Science, Security, and Technology
  • Nuclear Fusion harnessing exascale computing
  • AI at scale for Diverse Applications from Industry and Public Sector
  • AI for Pandemics, Health and Wellbeing

You will hear all of this and much more at our workshop, sign up now and read the full adgenda on our registration page.

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