Meet the team
06 Feb 2017



​We introduce you to some of the members of the Hartree Centre team.




Claire Trinder – Head of Programme Management

Claire Trinder has only recently joined the Hartree Centre from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where she spent 3 years developing and implementing the global programme management capability within their managed security services division. Prior to that, Claire spent over 10 years working in the field of biomarker identification and development from high dimensional data analysis. As Head of Programme Management, she will enable delivery of the full portfolio of projects and programmes on time and to budget in order to ensure the Hartree Centre maintains and expands its positon as a world-leading centre in computational sciences.


Dr Milos Puzovic – Research Scientist

Milos is a Research Scientist at the Hartree Centre, working on our energy-efficient computing research programme. His main field of research is the optimisation of software for performance and power consumption through hardware, operating system, compiler and run-time system co-design. In addition to work on software optimisation he is also working in the area of the full-system architectural simulation. Milos has completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge on the subject of hardware and software co-design for dynamic multicore scheduling. During his PhD he supervised undergraduate courses in operating systems, optimising compilers and comparative architectures. He has experience from working in finance and computer software industries.

Dr Christelle Gendrin – Data Scientist (Life Sciences)

Christelle joined STFC in August 2014 as a life sciences data scientist. Bringing 10 years of experience working for pharmaceutical industry and medical imaging, she is currently working on the ADDoPT project focusing on gathering and curating data useful for the development of new pharmaceutical products. Christelle particularly enjoys turning data into decision-making information and contributing to the development of innovative medicines and treatments that can help patients.


Mark Mawson – Partner Project Manager

Mark joined the Hartree Centre in April 2016 after working closely with them for 2 ½ years as a project scientist in STFC, specialising in porting and optimising software for novel computer architectures. Before this he completed a PhD in Computer Science for Aerospace Engineering at the University of Manchester. He is now responsible for ensuring the delivery of a wide variety of projects to Hartree Centre clients, as well as managing the procurement of supercomputers and visualisation facilities.