Introducing our chemistry and materials programme
06 Feb 2017



Dr Rick Anderson introduces the chemistry and materials programme in our latest blog post.


​​​Credit: STFC


​In sectors such as civil and mechanical engineering, the design process is done almost entirely by computer.

The ability to design virtually allows for the acceleration of R&D processes and the smoother development of new products. So it’s probably not a surprise that it is a long-held goal in chemical and materials product design to shift the process from being often labour-intensive and expensive, to a more robust and adaptive computer-aided paradigm.

Our chemistry and materials programme, made up of researchers from STFC and IBM, is focused on developing an integrated data analytics, modelling, and simulation capability that is able to address a broad variety of chemical and materials problems with world-class scale and accuracy. It includes multiple research activities that can be separated into two main threads, one focused on simulation and the other on data and cognitive computing.

The programme has a number of broad work areas:

  • Automated model parameterisation
  • HPC in the cloud
  • Smarter simulations
  • Big data for chemistry

We will be using our blog to provide progress on our research activities. You can find out more about our plans and how to get involved in Dr Rick Anderson’s recent blog post.