Collaborative R&D projects
08 Feb 2017



We work with clients on a commercial basis or as a partner in a funded research project to create value by accelerating their R&D, improving processes and reducing costs.




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Whether you need short term access to leading-edge tools or a long-term collaboration partner to help drive innovation in your business, engaging with us is easy. 

We work collaboratively with you to create value by speeding up your innovation, research and development, improving processes and reducing costs. We can also identify solutions that could help your organisation to take positive action to achieve your sustainability objectives.

Depending on the technology readiness level of your product, service or project, you would benefit from either our research and innovation or development and deployment offerings.

Proof of Technology

In proof of technology projects we work with inventors and early adopters of technology to demonstrate the application of modelling, data science or artificial intelligence to create technical innovations.

Collaborative R&D

In collaborative R&D projects we work with clients to create value by accelerating R&D, improving processes, and reducing costs, and to identify measures to support sustainability objectives. 

Examples of collaborative R&D projects could involve the set up or running of simulations to answer specific industrial challenges defined by the customer.  A project could also be used to complete the necessary software development as a step towards eventual licensing or PaaS of the digital asset. Projects are costed at Full Economic Costs, and may be paid for by the client or (part) grant-funded from a variety of schemes. 

Best for: Organisations who want to use our digital assets, expertise or technologies but do not have the capability or capacity available in house. ​

How it works 

You define the outcome you need to solve your research challenge and then we build a tailored project and team to deliver this using our capabilities, talented experts, and our trusted network of partners.

Depending on the type of challenge or project you would like to work with us on, you can access our facilities on a commercial basis, or in some cases there may be opportunities to access other funding sources directly through STFC or UK Research and Innovation.

Contact us

To discuss your specific needs and whether we could help, please contact us​​.​