Cognitive computing
06 May 2016



We can help you apply cognitive technologies such as IBM Watson to real-life practical challenges in industry.



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What is cognitive computing?​

​Cognitive computing means enabling machines to learn and evolve through experience, reason with purpose and interact with humans in a more natural way. Cognitive systems can understand and interpret basic principles, but in order to be truly invaluable, they need to be trained in specific domains of expertise the same way the human brain needs to learn – from the experts. Once trained, a cognitive system opens up a world of exciting new possibilities for business and research alike.

Cognitive computing also goes hand in hand with data analytics. Instead of just seeing patterns and trends, cognitive technology allows computers to interpret deeper reasoning behind data correlations. This means that businesses and researchers alike can make faster, more intelligent decisions with greater confidence and understanding.

How it can be used

Cognitive computing is extremely versatile, and has the potential to change the way every knowledge-based industry works today. By training a cognitive system in a specific domain or expertise, we can create invaluable applications, solutions, or even virtual assistants that could streamline almost any industry, enabling more efficient working and unlocking new discoveries.

Cognitive technologies are already emerging in everyday life through applications such as customer service live online chat functions or virtual assistants for doctors, for example, who need large volumes of information condensed quickly. These kinds of systems provide the building blocks on which future businesses, products and lifestyles will be created. 

Here, Lee Hannis gives a brief overview of one of our recent cognitive projects, which aims to enhance the patient experience at Alder Hey Children's Hospital.

Where the Hartree Centre fits in

We’re enabling businesses and organisations to engage with cognitive technologies at an accelerated rate to boost UK competitiveness. The data needed to provide faster, more effective solutions often already exists within organisations; identifying and applying it in the right way, with the right technologies and expertise is where the Hartree Centre excels.

Through us, businesses can access high performance computing infrastructures and data-centric systems that are geared towards the development of cognitive platforms for real-life applications. We also have access to IBM Watson technology and a wealth of specialist expertise to guide organisations on their journey.


We’re looking to work with innovative organisations who want to make a big impact on industries such as healthcare, engineering, law, materials chemistry and more. We aim to support UK businesses taking their first steps in this exciting new area of research, and help whole organisations to perform to an equally high standard as their very best people. 

If you want to find out more about how cognitive computing could impact your business, contact us.

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