Siemens, Atos and Hartree Centre launch Industrial Digitalisation Accelerator (IDA)

Siemens, Atos and the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) Hartree Centre have launched an Industrial Digitalisation Accelerator (IDA) so businesses can explore Industry 4.0 technologies.

​​​Brian Holliday (Siemens), Alison Kennedy (Hartree Centre) and Adrian Gregory (Atos) at the launch event for the new Industrial Digitalisation Accelerator, which will enable businesses to explore, access and adopt digital Industry 4.0 technologies.

​The Industrial Digitalis​​ation Accelerator​ is the first time that three distinct and yet complementary experts in the field of computing, analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions have come together and combined their expertise to offer industry the opportunity to overcome digitalisation challenges and discover new pathways to growth.

The programme is offering businesses of all sizes a practical, collaborative space to explore Industry 4.0 technologies (also known as the fourth industrial revolution). Here they will be able to produce proof of concepts and access mentorship to help them acquire these technologies, such as big data analytics, IoT, modelling, simulation and sensor technology, through the government’s Made Smarter ​programme.​​​​

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