Our partners
08 Mar 2017








The Hartree Centre is part of the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), under UK Research and Innovation. We also partner with select technology and research organisations that make a key contribution to our system operations and underpin the expertise that goes into our industry solutions. 

The Hartree Centre is one of only two UK locations to host an
IBM Research team on site. IBM Research are collaborative partners in our Innovation Return on Research (IROR) programme, creating industry-led digital assets across sectors including chemistry and materials, life sciences, engineering and
enabling technologies.


The Hartree Ce​ntre is home to the UK's first Bull Sequana X1000 supercomputer as part of a collaborative partnership with Atos​ UK&I. We also work together on the Industrial Digitalisation Accelerator in collaboration with Siemens, a programme which
aims to support small and medium-sized companies on their digitalisation journey.


Siemens are a partner in the Industrial Digitalisation Accelerator in collaboration with Atos, a programme which aims to support small and medium-sized companies on their digitalisation journey. We also collaborate on selected research projects and are able to provide expertise in deploying Siemens MindSphere​.


Part of the University of Liverpool but based alongside our team in the Hartree Centre, the Virtual Engineering Centre is a focal point for world-class virtual engineering technology, research, education and best practice that aims to improve business performance throughout the supply chain.


Encouraging and educating the next generation of computational scientists and data analysts is of critical importance to address the UK's digital skills gap. We're proud to supporting​ an MSc in Big Data and High Performance Computing at the University of Liverpool. Find out more.​​​​​