Our systems and platforms
02 Mar 2012



At the Hartree Centre, you can access our range of high performance computing platforms.




Bull Sequana Scafell Pike 3 (1024x683).jpg
Intel platforms

Bull Sequana X1000​

Lenovo NeX​tScale | 8,192 cores

Lenovo System x​​ iDataPlex​ system​ | 2048 cores

Intel Xeon Phi | Knight's Corner

IBM big data analytics cluster | 288TB​

IBM data centric platforms​

IBM Power8 + NVL​ink​ + Tesla P100

IBM Power8 ​​+ Nvidia K80​​​

Accelerated platforms and emerging technologies

Maxeler field-programmable gate array (FPGA) system

ARM​ 64-bit platform​

Clustervision novel cooling demonstrator​

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