Our mission
24 Aug 2016








​We want to see UK businesses outperforming their global competitors.

We want to grow the economy, create skilled jobs and train people to excel in them.

We want to keep the UK at the forefront of industrial innovation.

At the Hartree Centre, we're making all this happen and more, by enabling UK industry to fully embrace and integrate the latest digital and AI technologies. We provide collaborative research, innovation and development services that accelerate the application of high performance computing (HPC), big data analytics and cognitive computing technologies.

By working with us, businesses and research partners can gain a competitive advantage that enables them to produce better outcomes, products and services, more quickly and cheaply than through conventional R&D. Whether you are a large corporate, an SME or a public sector institution, the possibilities for infusing our capabilities into your organisation to accelerate performance and improve results are almost limitless.​​

Our mission

To transform UK industry by accelerating the adoption of high performance computing, big data analytics and AI ​technologies.​

​Our vision

UK industry fully embraces and integrates the latest digital and AI technologies into its business, outperforming global competitors, grow​ing the economy and maintaining the UK's position at the forefront of industrial innovation.

Read more about our values, purpose and priorities in ​the STFC corporate strategy.​