Meet the team
03 Nov 2017



We introduce you to some of the members of the Hartree Centre team.




Nia Alexandrova | Training & Events Manager

Nia joined the team in October 2017. Her background is in HPC professional training and postgraduate studies coordination and teaching. Her research is in the areas of collaborative learning and work in technology rich environments, the implementation of computational science research methods and HPC tools in university education and professional training, and developing evaluation methodologies and key performance indicators (KPIs) for training programmes, using learning analytics. She holds a PhD from University of Reading, with her thesis in Pedagogical Models and Management Factors for Creating Successful Courses at Postgraduate Level in an Interactive Collaborative Learning Environment.​ 

Dave Meredith | Software Engineer ​

David is a software engineer and e-scientist with fifteen years dev-ops experience in the Web, Enterprise and Grid domains. He has been service manager and lead developer for a number of production e-infrastructure services in the UK and EU including the European Grid Infrastructure’s Grid Operations Centre Database - a primary info service for and the Worldwide LHC Computing Grids, the UK e-Science Certification Authority (UKCA), and the UK National Grid Service. More recently, David is a technical lead for the Hartree Cognitive Accelerator; a collaboration between Hartree and IBM to exploit cognitive computing technologies in UK research and business. 

Navatha Tirungari | User Interface Specialist​

Navatha joined the Future Technologies group at Hartree Centre in August 2017. Her work focuses on building & incorporating user friendly interfaces that enhance portability and usability of various cutting ed​​ge technologies for our clients and partners. Previously when Navatha was part of the STFC Scientific Computing Department, she played a key role in collaborating with Amazon/NICE to establish their HPC web based portal and visualisation tools – EnginFrame & DCV at the Hartree Centre. Navatha brings with her 15+ years of industry experience at various levels in the IT sector. Her current focus is building a web portal for one of our clients to visually showcase the data analytics provided from satellite data and remote asset monitoring systems. ​

Simon Goodchild | Data Scientist

Simon's role is to apply machine learning and statistical techn​iques to analyse clients' data, to design prototypes that enable them to exploit their data, and to develop the Hartree Centre's data science capabilities. He joined the Hartree Centre in June 2017, with eight years' experience working in data science in the public sector, focusing on very large data sets and practical applications of statistics, and also on communicating statistical ideas to non-specialists. He started out as a physicist, and before becoming a statistician he completed a PhD in astrophysics.