What does it take to install a new supercomputer?
21 Jul 2017



Our new supercomputer, Scafell Pike, has arrived!




We recently became home the UK's first Bull Sequana X1000 supercomputer. We created a time lapse during the installation so you can see what it took to get Scafell Pike up and running first hand.

​​​Scafell Pike | Installation time lapse

​​​David Cable, Head of Service Operations commented on the installation: "Of all of the systems I have encountered throughout my career, Scafell Pike require an unprecedented amount of electrical and cooling infrastructure and I was in awe of the fantastic work of the team that helped ensure that the installation ran smoothly."

We've also put together some vital stats to share with you, so you technical types can ponder the particulars involved in coordinating the ​​sheer volume of kit required to build such a powerful machine. Enjoy!​

Scafell Pike installation.png