About us
10 Mar 2017

The Hartree Centre is transforming UK industry through high performance computing, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.




Backed by over £170 million of government funding and significant strategic partnerships​ with organisations such as IBM and Atos​, the Hartree Centre is home to some of the most advanced computing, data and AI technologies in the UK. 

From early stage SMEs to international corporations, our experts work with industry and the research community to address real life challenges and accelerate the adoption of high performance technologies, delivering transformative gains in performance, productivity and time to market. 

We are on the frontline maintaining the UK's position at the forefront of industrial innovation through a range of computational services and collaborative partnerships.

Our emerging technologies and internationally recognised expertise offer significant opportunities for UK industry to revolutionise processes and soak up significant economic advantages, whilst also supporting academic researchers with the tools they need to push the boundaries of pioneering UK and international science.

We are a centre within the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)

The Science and Technology Facilities Council is part of UK Research and Innovation​.​

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