What is BridgeAI? 

BridgeAI offers comprehensive funding and support solutions to businesses in priority sectors (Agriculture, Creative industries, Construction and Transport), facilitating the adoption of AI through a range of offerings. With a focus on bridging the AI divide between the supply and demand side of the ecosystem, BridgeAI enables businesses to harness the power of AI technologies to drive innovation and growth.

How will BridgeAI support me?

Delivered by Innovate UK and strategic partners, BridgeAI will deliver funding and support by:

  • Connecting businesses in priority sectors with AI experts

Building an innovation community to help businesses adopt AI through collaboration with developers

  • Developing new trusted AI services and technologies

Supporting the development of cutting-edge AI technologies through co-creation between both the supply and demand side of the AI ecosystem

  • Elevating high growth potential sectors

Building new capabilities in businesses through training and upskilling in AI, providing access to scientific expertise

What is the Hartree Centre’s role as a partner? 

Our £5000 Innovation Vouchers will facilitate between 8 and 10 days of effort from our technical experts in data science and artificial intelligence (AI). These vouchers could facilitate one of the following:

  • Informing companies about the benefits of integrating AI into business activities, how AI can be applied to their business problems, or which technologies might be relevant. 
  • Informing companies about the data requirements to exploit AI. Review available data and assess the readiness of a data set for use in AI applications. 
  • Supporting companies to identify opportunities and challenges where novel AI solutions can be integrated into business activities. 
  • Carry out a short feasibility study into using data science or AI to solve a given business problem. 
  • Provide detailed training in data science methods applied to a particular business problem, or assistance developing a roadmap for data transformation. 
  • A short literature review to identify the latest state of the art in an area and what data could be available. 
  • Knowledge transfer: provide time with a data science or AI expert to formulate an informed challenge statement taking account of the current state of the art.

Our £15,000 Innovation Vouchers will facilitate between 24 and 31 days of effort from our technical experts in data science and artificial intelligence (AI). These vouchers could facilitate one of the following:

  • An in-depth feasibility study.
  • Scoping out of a future large project, such as a proof-of-concept project.
  • Exploration of the suitability of current data for solving a problem of interest.
  • Suggest if more data (volume and type) is required to be able to solve a problem of interest.
  • Identification of alternative datasets that could be utilised if the current data is not suitable for a state-of-the-art analysis.
  • Develop a roadmap for future data analysis work.

Our £5,000 HPC Vouchers will give companies access to the Hartree Centre’s powerful high-performance computing (HPC) platforms:

  • Scafell Pike – the largest UK supercomputer for Industry use. Atos BullSequana machine with over 82000 cores; standard, accelerator, high memory and GPU nodes.
  • JADE 2 – a Tier 2 Regional deep learning supercomputer. One of the largest of its kind in the UK, used for computer vision.

These vouchers will:

  • Allow companies to harness readily accessible, world-class​ computing power, so companies will be in a stronger position than ever to defend and extend their market share.​ 
  • Enable businesses to increase the size of their models and run projects more quickly and efficiently without increasing overheads, resulting in improved learn rates and better value for money for clients.​ 
  • Enable companies to compete with much larger rivals in the delivery of high-quality technical solutions. 

The Hartree Centre will offer a series of six, 30-minute sessions delivered virtually once a week to introduce digital technologies including high performance computing, AI and data analytics. We will bring these to life through industry-focused case studies and you will have the opportunity to meet with our Business Development Managers who will support you to create a digital roadmap for your business that is tailored to your current capabilities and digital ambitions.

Our digital transformation aims to help your business to explore digital, data-driven and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to help you to decide what is right for your industry and build an action plan to help your business take advantage of digital technologies.

Who is involved in BridgeAI?

Innovate UK

Innovate UK support business-led innovation in all sectors, technologies and UK regions. They help businesses grow through the development and commercialisation of new products, processes, and services, supported by an outstanding innovation ecosystem.

Digital Catapult

Digital Catapult is the UK authority on advanced digital technology, accelerating industry adoption to drive growth and opportunity across the economy.

Alan Turing Institute

The Alan Turing Institute is the national institute for data science and AI, tackling big challenges in science, society, and the economy through research.