Landmark agreement between research and industry to harness HPC

High performance computing will power a new era in industrial product development in the UK, thanks to landmark research agreement.

​The UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) Hartree Centre, IBM Research and Unilever will work together under a three-way Joint Development Agreement (JDA) to develop new computer software and advanced modelling capabilities that will transform the competitiveness of UK industry.

Kirk Jordan (IBM Research), Alison Kennedy (STFC Hartree Centre) and Jon Hague (Unilever) at the signing of the three-way Joint Development Agreement. ​
Kirk Jordan (IBM Research), Alison Kennedy (STFC Hartree Centre) and Jon Hague (Unilever) at the signing of the three-way Joint Development Agreement. ​

​The first joint project is to create a powerful computer simulation capable of predicting how liquids will mix together, which will enable Unilever to develop better products, faster. Mixing liquids is a crucial step in the manufacturing process of formulated consumer products. The ‘virtual mixer’ approach to product design is especially important for Unilever. In order to develop fully sustainable consumer products, they are embracing a new – digital – way of working.​

“The agreement between STFC, IBM Research and Unilever highlights the benefits that can be gained by researchers and businesses working together to commercialise research, improving the competitiveness of UK companies and the development of better products for consumers.

“Our modern Industrial Strategy, and additional investment of £2.3bn for R&D in 2021/22, demonstrates the crucial role of science, research and innovation in the future prosperity of the UK economy and our desire to ensure the UK remains the go-to destination for innovation.”   

Jo Johnson, UK Science Minister

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