​​Applying digital and AI technologies to industry challenges​​

​​EXPLORE aims to solve industry challenges when there isn’t an existing off-the-shelf solution but there is evidence it can be solved and a business value and motivation to solve it. Our team use their knowledge of digital and AI technologies to identify opportunities to enhance productivity and reduce time to market. We’ll help you to develop proofs-of-concept that demonstrate the value of these technologies to your business and have the potential to transform the way you work. 

Our strong track record working with some of the largest and most successful names in UK industry demonstrates that working with us can reduce risks and barriers to innovation for your business. Whether it’s overcoming the high initial cost of investing in infrastructure or tackling digital transformation at scale, we will use the latest technologies and methods to develop new capability demonstrators that are designed to solve practical challenges for your industry.

​By cultivating and maintaining strong connections to the UK’s fundamental research base, we will develop tools and techniques that address industry and government needs and improve societal and economic outcomes. 

Work with us 

If you’re a UK business with an appetite for digital innovation, we want to hear from you. Small, medium and large organisations are welcome to propose a capability build or application prototype project for uptake within your company. 

What we need from you:

The key to a successful collaborative project is a clear challenge statement

When proposing a project to us:

  • Set the scene – where are you up to, what have you done already and what are the desired outcomes 
  • Tell us how this work has the potential to impact your business or public sector organisation 
  • Quantify any potential changes to productivity, time to market, cost or waste reduction 
  • Outline your access or plans to access to the appropriate data – quantity and quality

All work undertaken in HNCDI is covered by a Participation Agreement, including a Data Licence, depending on project requirements.

Download HNCDI EXPLORE template Participation Agreement for industry participants.

When undertaking a HNCDI EXPLORE project, this template agreement is between you, STFC and IBM. STFC and IBM may, at any time, revise the terms of this template agreement. This template agreement shall not constitute as a binding offer by STFC or IBM.