Hartree National Centre for Digital Innovation

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Enabling UK businesses and the public sector to explore and adopt innovative new digital technologies including AI and quantum computing for productivity, innovation and economic growth. 

What is HNCDI? ​​

The Hartree National Centre for Digital Innovation is a new collaborative programme with IBM which will enable businesses to acquire the skills, knowledge and technical capability required to adopt digital technologies like supercomputing, data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing. 

​Through HNCDI we provide a safe and supportive environment for organisations to explore the latest digital technologies and skills, develop proofs-of-concept and apply them to industry and public sector challenges. Our dynamic and collaborative approach is driven by industry requirements and will help organisations to de-risk investment in new and emerging digital technologies.

​Whether you're at the start of your digital journey or trying to advance to the next level, we can help you navigate the possibilities of AI and quantum computing technologies to discover the next step for your organisation. 

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​​Who ​is it for?  

We're here to help organisations and individuals with an appetite for change, who are ready to innovate and create useful solutions, enhance and adapt products and processes, adopt new digital technologies and expand into new markets.  

Whatever the size of your business or organisation we have an established track record working with industry, from start-ups and SMEs to large corporates, and public sector organisations such as NHS Trusts and local government. 

We also offer training on an individual and group basis.

How does it work?

Depending on which part of the programme you engage with, we'll be helping you to navigate four key stages of the digital adoption journey where organisations most often experience obstacles and challenges.  

  • Skills – Tackling gaps within your organisation and widening the talent pool
  • Technical Capability – Exploring and evaluating the technologies you need to enhance productivity 
  • Application – Developing and implementing practical solutions within your business    
  • Resilience – Knowing how to prepare for and invest in the right emerging technologies 

The programme is designed in four parts to address these challenges, so wherever you are in your digital innovation journey – there’s a part of HNCDI that could benefit you!


​​Why work with us?

The Hartree National Centre for Digital Innovation (HNCDI) is uniquely positioned at the intersection of exciting new science and industry applications and will grow a community of discovery that combines advanced digital technologies and applies the scientific method to address key challenges across UK industry. The partnership between STFC Hartree Centre and IBM Research will bring together an established track record in applied research and innovation with a strong network of collaborators across industry and research communities built on shared interest and a goal to accelerate innovation by reducing the risk of exploring and adopting emerging technologies. 

HNCDI is part of IBM's global Discovery Accelerator initiative, which seeks to accelerate discovery and innovation based on a convergence of advanced technologies by establishing research centres that foster collaborative communities and advance skills and economic growth through large-scale programmes. ​This programme builds on our previous Innovation Return on Research partnership with IBM Research, which was committed to solving industrial challenges and creating societal and economic impact.​