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Fri 18 Nov 2022 EXPLAIN

Beginner’s Guide to Cloud for Industry

Our Beginner’s Guide to Cloud for Industry course will guide you through what cloud computing is in plain, accessible language. We’ll cover the different offerings available from the main cloud vendors, current and future trends, and the pros and cons of hosting applications in the cloud.
Tue 22 Nov 2022 EXPLAIN

Real World Internet of Things

Test drive game changing technologies that can be used to change how your business operates with this course. Learn and try this technology first hand using IoT devices such as NodeMCU.
Wed 23 Nov 2022 EXPLAIN

Practical Guide to Cloud: Onboarding with Azure

This course gives you the opportunity to secure the knowledge learned in the Beginner’s Guide to Cloud for Industry with a practical hands-on tutorial led by experts. You will implement the theory you have previously learned to deploy virtual machines and containers to further cement your understanding of fundamental cloud concepts.
A man and a woman looking at some code on a large screen
Tue 29 Nov 2022 EXPLAIN

Beginner’s Guide to Machine Learning and Data Science

This course provides an introduction to some techniques of data science and machine learning, and the kind of problems it can solve.
Tue 06 Dec 2022 EXPLAIN

Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

We will walk participants through the basic concepts of machine learning, artificial intelligence and their applications and discuss its relationship with data science while covering machine learning algorithms and tips of how to handle bias in AI.
Woman standing in front of a visualisation screen gesturing at a simulation of disease molecules
Thu 08 Dec 2022 EXPLAIN

Beginner’s Guide to Modelling

The aim of this course is to give an outline of the use of modelling across various sectors, explain its historical significance, motivate its use and explain the benefits it can offer to organisations.