Fundamentals of Cloud Computing: Introduction to Docker and GitHub Actions for ML Apps

Self-Learning Course

Take this course at your own pace through pre-recorded video and online resources.

Aimed at Independent Users, this course will show you how modern software engineering practices can integrate seamlessly with your development workflow to enable effective collaboration, prevent bugs and ship fast. 

We’ll walk you through using these tools and techniques to effectively develop cloud-native solutions, from introducing git and git-based workflows to containerising your solution to continuously deploying to the cloud. 

We’ll be using Golang, GitLab CI/CD and Amazon Web Services (AWS), but you don’t need any prior experience with these. 

Learning objectives: 

  • Participants will gain a general understanding of using git for version control and how git-based workflows can integrate with the larger developer tooling and ecosystem.  
  • They will gain an understanding of what containerisation is and get practical experience containerising a Go web application.  
  • They will get practical experience setting up a continuous integration pipeline using GitLab CI/CD. 
  • They will get practical experience spinning up their containerised web application on AWS cloud using Docker Compose.  
  • They will set up a continuous deployment pipeline using GitLab CI/CD to bind their git-based collaborative developer workflow into the delivery of their cloud-native web application running on AWS. 

Pre-requisites: Basic level of programming. Familiarity with the Linux command-line and Python would be useful.

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