Practical Guide to High Performance Computing

Date: Tue 17 Jan 2023
Location: Training Portal
Best for: Learner

Are you interested in using High Performance Computing (HPC) in your business, but want to make sure you’re making the most of your investment?

Access to more powerful computing resource can increase productivity, improve quality, speed up innovation, and reduce time to market. This free technical workshop will show you how to speed up your calculations with practical exercises that can take you on the journey from running your models on your usual workstation or local resource to the Hartree Centre’s HPC platforms in the most efficient way. We will show attendees how to log in and submit HPC jobs and help you to understand the optimum way to scale your code to produce the most efficient results for your task. Join us if you’re looking for a practical guide to help you use HPC more effectively and want to decide on the resources you need to maximise efficiency and value for your business.

Pre-requisites: We recommend taking Beginner’s Guide to High Performance Computing prior to this course.

You will receive a Hartree Centre Driving Licence after completing this course.


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