Particle Dynamics Modeller | Simulation tools for Dissipitive Particle Dynamics
04 Apr 2018



We have developed a suite of interoperable tools for simulation of Dissipative Particle Dynamics using GPU acceleration



  • DL_MESO: for the GPU accelerated version – contact us
  • UBEAD: Automated coarse-grained simulation setup tool – contact us
  • UMMAP: Statistical and graphical analysis of DPD data


"Micelle Formation in Alkyl Sulfate Surfactants Using Dissipative Particle Dynamics." R. L. Anderson, D. J. Bray, A. Del Regno, M. A. Seaton, A. S. Ferrante, P. B. Warren. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 2018 14 (5), 2633 - 2643. ​ ​

“Towards a Standard Protocol for Micelle Simulation”, M. A. Johnston, W. C. Swope, K. E. Jordan, P. B. Warren, M. G. Noro, D. J. Bray, R. L. Anderson, J. Phys Chem B, 2016 120 (26)