The Hartree Centre Scafell Pike Introductory Manual
04 Mar 2021







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The Scafell Pike Introductory Manual aims to guide the new Hartree Centre's users towards the effective use of Scafell Pike. Herein, we discuss the most relevant features of the machine along with primers on the file-system, environment modules, the job scheduler, available queues and the basic directives necessary for jobs submission. Practical examples of how to submit basic MPI, OpenMP, hybrid OpenMP and array jobs are provided throughout. 

It is intended for all our users and all attendees of our programming courses.

This guide will be regularly updated and expanded, interested users should refer to the Hartree Centre Customer Service portal for any relevant update on this guide and other general information about Scafell Pike usage.

Contact: Alexandrova, Evguenia (STFC,DL,HC)