Tackling the digital skills shortage
06 Feb 2017



Could our summer schools help you get the career you've always wanted?


​​Credit: STFC


​With more than 48K job listings for data scientists on LinkedIn right now, but with fewer than 20K people registered with that title, the growing skills shortage in big data analytics has never been more evident.

To enhance early career researchers’ job prospects and upskill high-tech workforces, our 2016 summer schools are focusing on some of the most sought-after skills demanded by today’s employers - high performance computing (HPC), big data, engineering simulation and visualisation.

These tools are transforming the way that researchers and businesses are competing on a global scale. But there is a huge unmet demand for the data scientists needed to make sense of all the valuable information available today.

We’re offering four separate week-long programmes in these four influential subjects at £150 per week.

  • Big data, 13 June 2016
  • Engineering simulation, 27 June 2016
  • Visualisation, 11 July 2016
  • HPC, 18 July 2016

These courses are suitable for PhD level (aspiring for, achieved or equivalent) researchers in academia or industry in any STEM subject who encounters complex application problems that require significant resources in one of the subject areas. 

We caught up with Kirk E. Jordan, who has been part of the Hartree Centre Summer Schools from the start, to ask why he would recommend attending to both aspiring researchers and current industry professionals.