Trusted Open Models for Manufacturing
22 May 2019



11 June 2019 | Introducing the Trusted Open Models Institute (TOMI): Practical AI & Computational Modelling for Industry 4.0




When: 11 June​ 2019 | 12.00 - 15.40​
Where: Warwick Manufacturing Group, International Manufacturing Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL
Price: Free 
Best for: Businesses interested in AI technology, high value manufacturing (HVM), industry 4.0 and computational modelling 

​Motivated by the growth of technology that applies AI within the HVM sector in the context of industry 4.0, speakers will discuss best practice and future research in computational modelling. This workshop will present a typical HVM production line and explore the issues associated with the integration of technology associated with artificial intelligence in to the line. 


The Hartree Centre Trusted Open Models Institute (TOMI) is a national certification capability for artificial intelligence (AI)​ models and applications. TOMI provides a structured approach through which application developers can deploy their AI application within the Hartree Centre's high performance computing infrastructure to assess its operation. Developed in partnership with experts from Brunel University, GCHQ and STFC Hartree Centre, TOMI takes into account fundamental criteria, such as data security and accountability.​​ Working with WMG, the group have developed the workshop to target the need within the HVM sector for reusable and open models. 


12:00: Registration & Lunch
13:00: Setting the Scene: Facility Tour
13:30: AI & Computational Modelling in Manufacturing: Approaches and Challenges
14:00: The Case for Open Models: TOMI for Manufacturing
14:20: 4D Models in Manufacturing
14:40: Use Cases
15:00: Collaboration Opportunities
15:20: Wrap Up and Close

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