10 Feb 2010



Whatever sector you work in and whatever the size of your organisation, the possibilities for infusing our talent and tools into your research, innovation and development are almost limitless.​




​Life sciences​​

In a field where sensitivity and confidentiality are at a premium, our services can enable you to analyse large datasets in a way that provides insight and adds value to your organisation. We can provide detailed modelling and simulation of molecular structures through generating 2D and 3D visualisations and reduce R&D costs by streamlining prototyping and accelerating the innovation cycle.


​Whether you're an industrial or an academic organisation, we can help you secure maximum value from our suite of 'virtual' engineering, parallel software optimisation and data processing solutions to reduce R&D​ costs and time to market. We can apply our expertise to solve complex technical problems in areas such as fluid dynamics, turbulence and combustion modelling and increase the effectiveness of knowledge sharing within your supply chain.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Accounting for over 99% of businesses and around 60% of private sector jobs in the UK, SMEs hold the key to sustainable economic growth. We provide data processing facilities and expertise to provide answers to technical challenges fast and in user-ready formats. We can generate code for your own use or for wider dissemination to your partners and customers and offer simulation that can reduce time to market and cut the cost of research and development.

Nuclear science​

We understand that there are extraordinary advances in the field of nuclear science and that these discoveries feed in to sectors ranging from energy to healthcare. Leveraging STFC's expertise and experience as a world-leading authority on particle and nuclear physics, the Hartree Centre can offer modelling and simulation capabilities alongside data processing, storage and analysis expertise.


Our new and next generation computers have applications in weather and climate forecasting through the development of models and in prediction of natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes.​ Our predictive capabilities can gain optimal value from data oceans, benefiting not just academia but government, industry and other decision makers too.

Data analytics​

Big datasets need big technology to extract value from them. Through deployment of leading analytical and predictive programs, we can cope comfortably with data loads measured in terabytes, petabytes and exabytes. Combined with one of the UK's largest shared memory platforms, we have the capacity to analyse big datasets whether they are at rest or streaming in real time.

Materials and chemistry

These fields underpin half of the UK economy and play a key role in engineering, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. Our modelling and simulation facilities provide state-of-the-art analysis, verification, optimisation and prediction. This can shed new light on properties, functions, structures, reactions and geometries down to molecular, atomic and quantum level. 

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