Research priorities defined for Blockchain Lab with Innovate Finance
20 Jul 2016



The Hartree Centre and Innovate Finance, currently partnering on a joint Blockchain Lab, have announced research priorities for the project.


Credit: Dreamstime/Pablographix


The Hartree Centre has begun to define research priorities with Innovate Finance, the independent membership association serving the global FinTech sector, on the joint Blockchain Lab announced last September (link opens in a new window).

The project will leverage the power of the Hartree Centre’s high performance computing (HPC) solutions and data science expertise towards blockchain exploration by Innovate Finance members.

The partnership will use its investment in advanced computing technologies, novel architectures and staff to address some of the challenges associated with blockchain technology such as scalability, energy-efficiency and speed.

The project also aims to explore wider uses of blockchain technology in other areas such as healthcare, internet of things (IoT) and automotive technology.

David Moss, Advanced Technology Solutions Manager at the Hartree Centre, said: “This partnership allows us to combine the best of both worlds when contributing to one of society’s most exciting technological challenges.

"The knowledge of Innovate Finance’s membership and the challenges proposed by them, combined with the computing expertise and tools of the Hartree Centre make this an ideal advanced research collaboration, complementing the work already done by members of the blockchain community."

Lawrence Wintermeyer, CEO at Innovate Finance, said: “We are delighted that our partnership with the Hartree Centre is set to make significant contributions to industry’s understanding of distributed ledgers, and we will work with the Hartree Centre to ensure a continuous engagement between this formidable research institute and industry thought leaders in the blockchain space.”

To learn more about blockchain technology, watch this simple guide (link opens in a new window) created by Innovate Finance.

Read the full press release (link opens in a new window).