Panther arrives at Hartree
06 Feb 2017



​The most recent addition to our supercomputing capability is a cluster of IBM's latest generation POWER8 system, which incorporates nVIDIA accelerators.


​​The new POWER8 system - delivered just in time for Christmas!
Credit: STFC


​The new system, known as Panther, consists of 32 nodes and 16 terabytes of RAM. The system will have 64 nVIDIA K80s which makes this a very capable GPU facility.

Initially the Panther system will be open to just STFC and IBM projects whilst we develop novel software to make effective use of the performance potential of the system. However, the plan is to make the new cluster available to industry clients and other research groups in the future.

Work is currently underway on the installation of management tools, storage and application software and integration into the user authorisation system. Panther will become available to its first group of users over the next few weeks, and an expansion to the system to form a more powerful cluster is planned for later in 2016.

For more information contact Robin Pinning, Chief Technology Officer