Manufacturing SMEs go digital with LCR 4.0
07 Feb 2017



LCR 4.0 is putting the Liverpool City Region at the heart of a manufacturing evolution.




What is LCR 4.0?

Driven by the rise of Industry 4.0, or the "fourth industrial revolution", LCR4.0 aims to help small and medium sized companies to innovate, digitise and improve their processes through fully subsidised technical and business support provided by six local partner organisations. Industry 4.0 technology areas include:

  • Big data
  • Internet of Things
  • Simulation
  • Cloud computing
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Systems integration
  • Augmented reality
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Cyber security

Where does the Hartree Centre fit in?

We’re one of the partner organisations that will deliver access to technologies, support and expertise to enable SMEs to streamline their processes, innovate and increase productivity.

We specialise in high performance computing, big data analytics and cognitive technologies, so will be looking at how SMEs taking part in the LCR 4.0 programme can apply these technologies to solve manufacturing and supply chain challenges.

Examples where we can help

We’ve come up with some quick examples of the types of projects we can help you to achieve through minimal effort, but resulting in maximum impact for your business:

  • Data analysis using CRISP-DM and predictive analytics
  • Rapid prototyping using CFD & SPH
  • Explore the potential of IBM Watson
  • Upgrade codes to run on high performance or data centric systems
  • Explore hardware acceleration

See what the Hartree Centre could offer your SME in more detail.

Find out more about LCR 4.0 & how to apply for this support.