Machine Learning for Cheminformatics
06 Aug 2018



6 - 10 Aug 2018 | Develop understanding of machine learning techniques in the context of cheminformatics.




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​(Credit: Dreamstime/Garsya)

When: 6 - 10 August 2018

​​Where: Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Harwell ​, Didcot, O​X11 0QX

Price: £10​​​00* (Free for ADDoPT partner institutions)

Best for: Data analysts working in the pharmaceutical industry or trainees who are able to work independently but would require guidance for solving complex problems.​

Prerequisites: Attendees should be familiar with using statistical methods in a chemical research context.

​Learning Outcomes:

This course will enable attendees to:

  • identify which cheminformatics problems are suitable for applying machine learning
  • employ both classification and regression models
  • define problems in a way that enables a machine learning expert without chemistry knowledge to contribute to a solution
  • choose and execute suitable methods for solving a problem
  • evaluate a model that claims to solve a particular problem 
  • compare and contrast various potential models
  • demonstrate the business value of a model

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​*Full time students are entitled to a reduced rate fee of £150. Delegates from ADDoPT partner institutions are entitled to 100% fee waiver.​

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