Introducing our digital assets
10 Jun 2019



A new catalogue describing our digital assets developed through the IROR programme is now available to download. Explore each asset and the benefits it will bring to your business.




Innovation Return on Research (IROR) is a 5-year collaborative programme delivered by the Hartree Centre and IBM Research. It aims to solve industrial problems and create economic and societal impact by developing a suite of digital assets - software tools, machine learning models, methods and applications - that can give a competitive advantage to UK industry.  Since 2015, we have been working in partnership with a range of industry partners in the areas of Chemistry & Materials, Engineering & Manufacturing and Life Sciences to develop and test digital assets though industry challenge-led projects.

In April 2019 we held a workshop “Intelligent Innovation | Business Value from Digital Technologies" to launch our digital asset catalogue and invite a range of new companies to test and adopt the range of technologies we've developed throughout the programme.  The workshop was attended by over 40 representatives from UK companies ranging from micro and SMEs to national and multi-national organisations, many of whom had never visited the Hartree Centre before.  They heard from our keynote speaker, Scott Singleton (Director of Digital R&D, Unilever) about their journey of digital transformation and how now the vast majority of formulated products developed by Unilever have been impacted by computer simulation tools and techniques developed here at STFC. We had short presentations providing an overview of our capabilities and digital assets developed alongside the potential routes to embed these capabilities within their businesses. The day finished with delegates having the opportunity to discuss specific aspects of their earlier presentations and their next steps to working with the Hartree Centre.

The digital asset catalogue is now available to download from our website. It describes what each individual digital asset does as well as the benefits it can bring to a business, we also outline 3 routes to adoption:

  • Software licensing - many of the digital assets can be licensed so companies can access the source code and make use of the software on their own computing systems.  3-month evaluation licenses are available at no cost.
  • Platform as a Service - companies can choose to make use of the digital assets pre-installed on the Hartree Centre's own HPC resources.
  • Collaborative R&D - bespoke projects to develop or apply a digital asset to solve a specific business challenge.

Please get in touch if you are interested in working with us.