Internet of Things Demonstrator
07 Dec 2015



We've been turning Sci-Tech Daresbury into a connected campus to demonstrate the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT).




​Instrumented, interconnected, intelligent – these three key features of the Internet of Things (IoT) are at the heart of the Hartree Centre’s transformation of Daresbury Laboratory into an IoT ‘living lab’.

The core concept behind the IoT is to use sensing and internet technologies to incorporate all kinds of devices, objects and systems into networks that collect, exchange, analyse and exploit data – providing the platform for informed decisions and practical actions that enhance efficiency, improve productivity, boost business growth and benefit people’s lives.

5 billion internet-connected ‘things’ are already making this smart future a reality. But the surface has barely been scratched and the figure could reach 25 billion by 2020 as Industry 4.0 – the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution – gathers pace.*

A connected campus

Turning Daresbury Laboratory and Sci-Tech Daresbury into an IoT demonstrator and ‘connected campus’ is:

  • Enabling the generation of an intelligent, integrated view of Daresbury built on data streams covering air quality, soil moisture, energy use, solar power production, people flows etc
  • Allowing us to showcase and further extend our IoT-related expertise, e.g. building on our long pedigree in device development
  • Highlighting the scope to apply this expertise in key sectors such as transport, construction and agriculture, as well as to multi-dimensional challenges such as smart cities

Expertise and capabilities applicable across sectors

Embracing hardware, software, system architectures, sensing/signalling technologies, data storage & analytics, social media exploitation and an intuitive visualisation portal, this ground-breaking demonstrator is enabling us to show how our expertise and capabilities can be applied to benefit all types of organisation.

* Source for statistics: (link opens in a new window)

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