Hartree Centre in the TOP500 list of supercomputers
19 Jun 2012



The Hartree Centre's IBM Blue Gene/Q system enters the TOP500 list at number 13 in the world.

The Top 500 list (link opens in a new window) of supercomputers is the Academy Awards of the world of computational science and engineering, and is carefully scrutinised by manufacturers, governments and users. The 2012 list was announced at ISC12 in Hamburg (link opens in a new window) on 18 June and includes the IBM Blue Gene system installed at Daresbury Laboratory as number 13 in the world – and the best in the UK.
This is a really significant milestone and is a tribute to the many staff across STFC who have firstly helped secure the necessary government and industrial investment and secondly turned this money into a functioning world class system.
IBM have recently completed  tests on Blue Gene that put a heavy load on the systems and ran for over 7 hours with a sustained performance of around 1.2 PetaFlops. This is the first time that a Petaflop application has been run in the UK and therefore is a groundbreaking achievement. The first TeraFlop system in the UK was the IBM Power3 based system at AWE in June 2002 and so this milestone represents a thousand fold increase in performance in 10 years. To put this in context, a Petaflop is one thousand trillion calculations per second!