Future technologies
16 Feb 2017



Developing next generation platforms and driving an evolution in novel high performance computing hardware and software.



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Future technologies offer benefits across a range of industrial and service sectors, providing a step change in ways of working and associated economic growth. Through our unique programme, the Hartree Centre acts as a centre of excellence in the evaluation and early adoption of new technology. 

Th​rough our existing expertise we lower the barrier to adoption of HPC and big data while developing capabilities and services in new and emerging technologies areas such as IoT and Blockchain for the benefit of UK industry. Our a​reas of focus include:

  • Hardware Evaluation (Performance, Energy Efficiency)
  • Software Development
  • HPC in the Cloud
  • Industry 4.0
  • Internet of Things
  • BlockChain
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Machine Learning
  • Visualisation​

Developing and testing future platforms

The ending of Moore's Law as an effective economic model is driving the evolution of novel hardware within HPC and big data.  At the extreme end of research and industry where we are seeking to solve the largest most complex problems, we now require compute and data management capabilities significantly beyond what currently exists. Equally, traditional HPC and Big Data approaches at smaller scales still suffer from a barrier to adoption by organisations lacking the relevant the skills or experience. The Hartree Centre is seeking to address both of these areas.

Building hardware and software to solve large scale problems in an efficient manner is a challenge. Algorithm selection, application development, portability, scalability and resilience all present challenges and opportunities. Through a co-design approach between hardware and software we will maximise the potential of these technologies, identifying which are best suited to particular problems and domains while supporting real world adoption within industry and the service sector. Our areas of focus will include:

  • Evaluation of Hardware capabilities
  • Supporting the development of the Software Ecosystem
  • Tools and Middleware Development
  • Optimised Workflows
Working closely with a range of technology partners the Hartree Centre is evaluating the capabilities of future and emerging technologies this includes work with IBM, Intel, Lenovo, Cavium, and Mellanox.​

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