Engineering & Manufacturing



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We are developing software tools and methods for: 

  • High accuracy computer modelling
  • Uncertainty quantification 
  • Simulating complex multi-scale/multi-physics problems
  • Coupling new or existing solvers 

We are demonstrating these tools through proof-of-concept projects in the following areas: 

  • Complex rheology: understanding material properties through multi-scale modelling
  • Uncertainty quantification: using co​gnitive computing to gain a better understanding of errors in the modelling of carbon deposition and unsteady thermal flows
  • Acoustics: applying multi-physics and cognitive technologies to identify and reduce noise in simulated data​
Our Engineering and Manufacturing digital assets will: 
  • Reduce development costs
  • Improve product performance
  • Reduce time to market​

Digital assets

​The work combines existing modelling programs with AI and novel code-coupling technolo​gy to make it easier to develop state-of-the-art industrially relevant simulation models.



​David Emerson, Stephen Longshaw, Alex Skillen, Stefano Rolfo, Chris Thompson, Maggie Zimon, Robert Sawko, Lan Hoang​, Blair Edwards, Stephen Checkley.​