Drip-free design meets need for speed with Unilever
06 Feb 2017



Unilever's goal was to design a drip-free, no mess laundry liquid container.


​​Credit: Dreamstime/Monkey Business Images


​Client: Unilever plc

Solution: Reducing software runtimes

Outcome: Up to 90% reduction in the pouring design validation process for innovative packaging

Using one of our supercomputers, Blue Wonder, we have helped multinational Unilever slash many months and tens of thousands of pounds from the design process.

To enable faster design of non-drip packaging and eliminate the need to test physical prototypes, Unilever developed a ‘virtual pouring test’ based on CD-adapco’s STAR-CCM+® software and wanted to minimise runtimes.

By using Blue Wonder, Unilever completed analyses in hours rather than days – on one project alone, optimising packaging took two weeks compared to 20 weeks for a traditional prototype-based process, ensuring On Time, In Full (OTIF) delivery to market.

Dr Brian Jones, Simulations Engineer at Unilever said: “For Unilever, digital design is a key tool to help realise the company’s innovation ambition – our collaboration with the Hartree Centre has been instrumental in helping us to deliver our products to the market as fast as possible.”

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