More accurate rail updates using big data analytics
07 Feb 2017



We investigated how big data analytics could be used in the rail transport system to provide real-time service information.


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Supported by the Rail Delivery Group (RDG), we recently investigated the potential of big data analytics in transforming the accuracy of live train updates. In a project funded by STFC Innovations Ltd, our researchers used data analytics to interpret unstructured open data and how it could be implemented to provide real-time information on service alterations.

The benefits of this would be two-fold: It could help train operators to make better decisions, improving service, and it could help save previous minutes for rail customers.

Lee Hannis, Head of Business Development for the Hartree Centre, said:

left-hand quote markThe IBM Big Insights distributed computing system at the Hartree Centre can process the millions of messages at a rate of more than 4,500 per second. This gives us real-time information and means that operators would no longer have to rely on out of date averages.right-hand quote mark

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