Cognitive Accelerator
09 Mar 2017



Giving UK industry a competitive advantage by enabling adoption and application of cognitive technologies to find effective solutions for new products and services


​​​​​​​​The Cognitive Accelerator​ ​enables businesses to access the cognitive computing capabilities of the IBM Watson platform, supporting them to get value from their data.

Credit: IBM

The Cognitive Accelerator is a unique STFC-IBM collaboration here in the UK the purpose of which is to enable the adoption of cognitive applications to enhance and accelerate business growth. It combines specialised knowledge of Watson APIs and cognitive computing skills to support organisations to take advantage of these technologies, allowing them to make full use of their data aiming to help build a ​competitive advantage and solve their most challenging problems.

Through the Cognitive Accelerator, we assist businesses, generating maximum value from the adoption of cognitive technologies and create tangible benefits for the UK economy by building a collaborative environment between SMEs, start-ups and large organisations alike.

​Proof of concept​

Businesses want evidence, typically deriving from a pilot project, which demonstrates that a design concept is feasible and will deliver value.  The development of a prototype with the potential for real-world application is an exciting proposition for many of the companies that we work with. We put access to cognitive technologies in the hands of large companies and SMEs, enabling regional and national economic benefits across all sectors of the UK economy.


We are creating a demo centre to highlight benefits and use cases of cognitive technology for commercial, academic and government clients. 


We are supporting clients using our skills and expertise to use cognitive technologies to find solutions and adopt new ways of working for their organisation​.

Working with us

We take a structured approach to our work with clients, first taking time to understand their business needs in a user-centric manner and then developing technical expertise by familiarising clients with Watson APIs. Our experts then work to look at how our cognitive technologies can be integrated in to business processes, creating a developmental roadmap  with a view to building a digital prototype and scaling to piloting a deployable solution. 

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Cognitive Accelerator projects

In a collaboration between the Hartree Centre and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, we are helping to build the UK’s first cognitive hospital. The technology we are developing will help to revolutionise personalised medicine, putting the patient at the centre of their care in a way that has never before been possible.​​

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