Boosting the API economy - the first Hartree Hack
06 Feb 2017



What would you build at the Hartree Centre's first ever hackathon?


​​Credit: STFC


​In almost every part of our lives we’re connected to the world through APIs. An API is a customer interface for technology products that allows software components to communicate. They’re in our mobile phone apps, our cars and our homes.

We now live in an API economy - where applications that are disrupting entire industries can be created more easily and without huge investments in IT infrastructure.

And at the Hartree Centre, we’re playing out part in this revolution. In partnership with IBM Watson we’re holding our first ever hackathon between 18 and 20 May. We’re looking for coders, designers and entrepreneurs to create the next big thing at our first Hartree Hack.

This free event will give people the opportunity to:

  • Learn from the experts about the cognitive technologies available from Watson. From analysing images and video to gaining insights from text documents, they will learn how to tap into the power of Watson APIs to build cognitive apps.

  • Work as part of a team to  create their first cognitive app – a team of mentors from IBM Watson and the Hartree Centre will work closely with teams to help them build something amazing, in less than three days!

  • Compete against others to win up to £25,000* of support from the Hartree Centre to propel your idea forward. *subject to terms and conditions
Karen Lee, Head of Impact and Engagement at the Hartree Centre, explains more:


More information is available here.​