What is impact?
17 Oct 2018



Find out what impact means and why it's so important to us at the Hartree Centre.





Impact is how we quantify the benefits and outc​omes of our specialist expertise, technologies and activities for UK industry, the economy and wider society. 

Impact can take various forms. Some examples might be new products and services, improved industry processes, knowledge sharing, skills development, new technology adoption, business growth, job creation or enhanced quality of life.

We are committed to understanding and improving the effectiveness of our work with industry.

As part of the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and UK Research and Innovation, we receive significant public funding to work collaboratively with industry. Evaluating our impact enables us to evidence the value delivered to the UK through continued investment in our activities and to verify that we are generating the outcomes and benefits we strive for. 

Not only is demonstrating impact a key requirement of UK Government and other funding bodies, but it provides valuable insight that help us to make continuous improvements to our strategy, processes and services, to better serve you: our industry partners, users and collaborators.

Measuring impact is not easy. 

Choosing the right measurement indicators, time-to-benefit, accurate attribution (i.e. how much impact is a direct or indirect result of working with us as opposed to other external factors), commercial sensitivities, and various other factors can make it difficult to quantify the benefits of our work. 

To help us address these difficulties, we are developing an evaluation framework, based on best practice within UK Research and Innovation and UK Government, to enable us to embed evaluation into the delivery of all our activities. 

With your assistance, we continue refining our processes to evidence our impact effectively.

How can you help?

We rely on our industry partners, collaborators and clients to help us record the most accurate impact facts and figures we can. From time to time we might contact you with a request to share impact data with us that we can use to report back to our funders, UK Government or an independent third party evaluating our impact. 

Evidencing impact is the foundation that forms the basis upon which we can offer support to business, and impact evaluation is part of an underlying agreement with all our partners, collaborators and customer. As we work hard to streamline our impact evaluation process, only with your co-operation can we collect the valuable data we need to keep demonstrating impact and improving our services.​

But that's not the only way you can help. If you can get involved in a case study, provide a quote, take par​t in a video or fill out a customer survey when requested, you make the demonstration of our impact to key stakeholders easier. 

By giving us just a little of your time and enthusiasm when requested, you can help us to tell our story and ensure the future of our centre, enabling us to keep solving industry challenges and making a difference where it matters.

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